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I never thought I would ever say this, but ... things are actually starting to get fairly interesting around here.

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Things have been shockingly boring around here.

And Valentine's Day is tomorrow ... such a sickening holiday. Love is overrated, anyway.

Not to mention that pipsqueak of a cheerleading coach is having a party. Perhaps I shall go to that ... if only because it's the only thing around here that may possibly result in something interesting occurring. As it stands, I feel I may expire from boredom.

We'll see.

[ Secret Santa v. 02 ]

I haven't the slighest idea as to who got me my present [ A $50 VISA gift card and a CD ]. As much as I dislike to admit it, they were fairly generous, and extremely shockingly nice in the message they left. I am, as much as I hate to admit it, a bit pleased and curious as to who it was. I simply hope I do not die of shame and shock when I find out who it was.

On another note, I bought Kuchiki Rukia a pet rabbit, since she is always spouting drivel about white rabbits. It was not being kind nor generous -- it was that I gave my best, as I will always do. There will never be any half-thought out presents from me.

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[ secret santa ]

I entered that frivolous "secret santa" at the school today. I can hardly understand why -- I like few people at school, and I do not, in any way, want to buy anyone presents; no matter who I get, I very much doubt that I will deem them worthy enough to spend money on them. It goes the other way, as well: I hardly wish to touch anything I receive from anyone else. I will not by any stretch of the imagination want anything given to me by, say, someone like Kurosaki or either of the Kuchikis ... god forbid I get anything from that trash Asano.

I regret my decision already.

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